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Moisturizing Rich Body Lotion 200 Ml Sealed Testers

A moisturizing body lotion, formulated with 88% natural ingredients—including ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, soothing Organic Raspberry water, gently exfoliating Tamarind pulp acids and visibly firming Organic Oat sugars—that soften and intensely hydrate even very dry skin for long-lasting comfort.Body care experts for more than 50 years, Clarins’ newly reformulated Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is enriched with naturally-sourced ingredients that boost hydration and protect the skin from the dehydrating effects of sun, cold, heating, and air-conditioning. Shea Butter nourishes and comforts tight, dry skin—cocooning it in a protective veil of body-loving moisture. Organic Raspberry water, Organic Oat sugars, and Tamarind pulp acids immediately soften, smooth and naturally exfoliate. Bitter Orange wax promotes optimal hydration for long-lasting comfort.