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Lacquer Rouge Lip Gloss 6 Ml


Color :

Liquid lipstick with an intense and deep color. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge colors and moisturizes the lips. It has the texture of a gloss, but the intensity and high hold found in lipstick. Shiseido's Lacquer Rouge evens lips, adds color and shine with flawless coverage. In addition, it has care properties that prevent the lips from drying out, becoming rough or peeling. It leaves them colorful and smooth like hairspray, with softness and hydration. Action: Moisture Holding Oil and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing from: excellent moisturizing agents, which keep the lips with lasting hydration. Color Condense Oil and Pigments: ingredients that offer more color fixation and intensity on the lips. Top Coating Oil: offers a varnished lip appearance. Anti-Bleed Powder: fixes pigments to lips without smearing or running.