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Milk Shake

Volume Solution Conditioner 10 Ml

The Milk Shake Volume Solution conditioner detangles and gives volume without weighing down normal or fine hair. The active proteins from milk and aloe vera help to strengthen the hair, providing consistency and density, for a long-lasting result. The polysaccharides obtained from the mixture of micro-algae and keratin produce sugar molecules with low molecular content that give the hair incredible volume. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) hydrates and thickens the diameter of the hair, reducing the appearance of split ends. Glycerin has nourishing properties that help maintain an optimal level of hydration. Aloe Vera has emollient and calming properties for the scalp and hair, while vitamin E provides an antioxidant action. Guar gum, thanks to its moisturizing agents, improves the flexibility of the capillary fiber.