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Giorgio Armani

Eyes Quattro 4 Creamy Powders Eyeshadow Palette 02 Avant Premiere 0.6 Gr & 0.8 Gr & 1 Gr & 12 Gr*D1

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EYE QUATTRO EYESHADOW PALETTE collection of 8 comfortable eyeshadow palettes, in a range of nude to smokey eyeshadow colors. Easy to apply formula with long lasting effect.Let your eyes steal the scene with this easy to apply formula in a collection of 8 comfortable eyeshadow palettes, providing a large range of highly pigmented and long lasting eyeshadow colors from nudes to smoky tones to bold, graphic shades. Designed in sleek black with a Giorgio Armani logo clasp, the palettes make an elegant addition to the dressing table.The ultra-creamy texture creates eye makeup looks from natural to intense, dramatic eyes, in either satin, sparkling, or matte eyeshadow finishes. Thought all the day the make up result remains intense and comfortable thanks to the creamy formula of EYE QUATTRO.