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Freedom System Eye Shadow Palette With Mirror 1 Square

Freedom system palette blush – freedom system palette that is the best choice if you want to put in order your favorite face products such as blushes, highlighters and sculpting powdersmultiple choice - choose from a range of handy, multi-purpose palettes and fill them with products to create a makeup kit up to your own preferencesfreedom to mix products and colors – play with the unique freedom system with a variety of products and colors to make your own reusable and custom designed makeup palette in any sizetips & tricks - place 4 blushes, highlighters or sculpting powders in the palette or mix them by choosing colors that match your skin tone, so you can take your perfect makeup set wherever you goeasy to use – the palette and your favorite face products are all you need. Just put the colors inside and once your cosmetics are used, you will buy only the refills with no need to replace the palette