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Face Pro Brightening And Tightening Under Eye Concealing Wand Almond 2 2Ml


With the click of a button and the flick of a wand, Revolution Pro Brightening & Tightening Under Eye Concealer Wand instantly camouflages imperfections, discolouration and evidence of late nights!

Encased in a sleek, gold-tone pen, the concealer features a button at its base designed to dispense the liquid concealer, which saturates the soft, synthetic application brush. Perfectly shaped to easily navigate tight, hard-to-reach spaces like the eye contour, the pointed brush lays product onto skin, masking dark undereye circles, pigmentation and unsightly pimples. Infused with light-reflecting pearl fragments and natural brightening extracts, this magic pen helps to illuminate your features whilst softly covering up anything you want to keep secret. Drying rapidly to a crease-free finish, this rescue pen is an immediate solution to flawless, vibrant and fatigue-free skin.

From fair to deep complexions, the concealer wand caters to all skin tones with a selection of three shades (Almond, Caramel and Ivory).

Cruelty free.